The following comment is from the original source code. It's very likely that there
are spam bots that can read the generated output. It's also likely that the vast
majority can't.
Spam bots are getting a lot smarter at harvesting email addresses from web pages
but I don't think they'll find a way around this Javascript encoder any time soon!

Email address:   Link text:   

Just leave the 'Link text' field blank if you want your email address be the link text (also encrypted).

This tool was originally conceived and written by Tim Williams of The University of Arizona. The code to randomly
generate a different encryption key each time the tool is used was written by Andrew Moulden of Site Engineering Ltd.
Ross Killen of Celtic Productions Ltd has also created a PHP version to enable use of this technique in web applications.

This code is distributed as freeware, provided the authors' credits etc remain exactly as shown.